Railcar ProductsRailcar products for passenger trains include custom seals, gaskets, and insulation for vehicle interiors and exteriors. Railcar interiors require specialized rubber products that meet flame, smoke, and toxicity (FST) standards. Railcar exteriors need reliable sealing and insulation solutions that can withstand tough environmental conditions while protecting passenger health and safety.

For railcar designers and sourcing managers, finding the right rubber products can be challenging. Because FST standards vary, engineers may need a supplier who can help with compound selection. Procurement personnel may need a vendor who can meet tight delivery timetables, especially with mass transit repairs. Cost-effective production is important, but designers and buyers also want value-added manufacturing.

Custom-Fabricated Railcar Products

Railcar Products

Elasto Proxy, a leading supplier of rubber railcar products, makes custom seals, gaskets, and insulation for passenger trains. We provide design assistance and help with material selection, custom-fabricate components cost-effectively, and add value through on-time delivery, kitting, inventory management, and ease of product installation.

Elasto Proxy uses water jet cutting, splicing, laminating, and taping to supply the railcar industry with custom products such as:

Door and window seals

Thermal and acoustic insulation

Gaskets for lighting and electronics

HVAC and access panel seals

Rubber flooring

These are just some of the railcar products that Elasto Proxy can custom fabricate for you. To discuss how we can solve your specific sealing and insulation challenge, please contact us.

Door and Window Seals

Railcar designers prefer lightweight elastomers to help reduce vehicle weight and fuel expenses, but some combustion reactions produce toxins. That’s why Elasto Proxy can recommend lightweight FST elastomers for rubber door seals and window seals. We use water jet cutting to cut profiles to length, offer a variety of splicing methods for strong joints or bonds, and can combine all of the rubber components for a railcar into a single kit.

Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

Thermal and acoustic insulation protects passengers and equipment from high heat and loud or unwanted sounds. With our supplier network, we can source thermal insulators and acoustic barrier materials for specific ranges of temperature or frequency. We can also laminate thermal and acoustical materials together for a complete thermal-acoustic solution that includes vibration dampening. These insulation sandwiches are water-jet cut, which means there’s never any tooling charges or waiting for tooling.

Gaskets for Lighting and Electronics

Lighting gaskets must meet multiple requirements. For interior illumination, these components need to meet FST standards and withstand high levels of heat, especially if LED lighting is used. Rubber gaskets for train exterior lights must also resist water, dirt, dust, and a range of outdoor temperatures. To support the electronics that are used in some lighting systems, EMI shielding may be required. Elasto Proxy can cut, splice, and these gaskets. We can manage your finished goods inventory, too.

HVAC and Access Panel Seals

Rubber seals for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units have to withstand repeated cycles of heating and/or cooling. Access panels for HVAC and other systems also need to support repeated opening and closing while still maintaining a tight seal. Water jet cutting from Elasto Proxy supports tight tolerances, and we can recommend compounds that resist thermal cycling and compression set. Rubber products from Elasto Proxy support taping for peel-and-stick installation, too.

Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring for passenger trains helps to protect vehicle floors, support passenger and employee safety, and provide acoustic insulation. Rubber with a pebbled texture or with recessed, diamond-shaped features can catch water. To absorb noise, Elasto Proxy can laminate these durable surface materials to an acoustical foam. Water jet cutting is also great for creating rubber floor mats because this cost-effective manufacturing method can produce clean, straight lines or chamfered angles.

Ask Elasto Proxy for Railcar Products

Do you need custom seals, gaskets, or insulation for passenger trains? Elasto Proxy custom-fabricates railcar products for both vehicle interiors and exteriors. For more information about our capabilities and how we can meet your application-specific requirements, contact us.