IDEX 2017IDEX is the world’s most strategically important tri-service defense exhibition. For OEMs, military buyers, and prime contractors, this global event is the place to find technologies for land, air, and sea. The International Defense Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) is also where defense subcontractors present key component-level solutions for military programs and projects. That’s why Elasto Proxy, a leading custom-fabricator of specialty seals and insulation, will highlight four unique solutions at IDEX 2017.

From February 19 to 22, Elasto Proxy’s Roberto Naccarato will describe thermal-acoustic insulation, environmental sealing, EMI shielding, and custom products for shock and vibration. With the Canadian Pavilion as his headquarters, Rob will meet with decision-makers and connect with companies across the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Click here to arrange a meeting with Rob so that you can learn more about Elasto Proxy’s sealing and insulation solutions.

Thermal Acoustic Insulation at IDEX 2017

Elasto Proxy custom-fabricates thermal-acoustic insulation that’s used in the floors, doors, side panels, and engine bays of military vehicles. The custom “insulation sandwiches” that we build include thermally insulating materials that reduce the transfer of heat between objects of different temperatures. Fiberglass is a good choice for reducing heat transfer from conduction and convection. For radiated heat, aluminum foil or Mylar is a great solution.

The “insulation sandwiches” that Elasto Proxy builds also contain acoustical materials that absorb, transmit, or redirect sound waves. In enclosed environments such as engine bays, sound absorbing and decoupling materials are typically used.  Examples include open-cell elastomeric foams such as polyester and polyurethane. With our water jet cutting and laminating capabilities, Elasto Proxy can provide your company with custom thermal-acoustic insulation for land systems, naval ships, or military aircraft.

Environmental Sealing at IDEX 2017

Elasto Proxy also custom-fabricates environmental seals for doors, windows, hatches, and gensets. As this case study explains, Elasto Proxy recently solved a sealing challenge for a manufacturer of military vehicles. The problem, an over-compressed hatch seal, created a gap that allowed dirt to accumulate inside the ground vehicle. The maker of the original seal had used neoprene rubber because of its balanced material properties, but an elastomer with greater compression set resistance was required.

The silicone sponge that Elasto Proxy recommended had enough “memory” so that the replacement hatch seals could rebound to their original thickness, even at high temperatures like the ones in desert environments. Elasto Proxy’s water jet cutting machine was the perfect platform for converting 1/8”-thick strips of silicone foam into precision-cut lengths. Our production specialists joined the ends together, and then taped the gaskets for peel-and-stick products that were easy-to-install.

EMI Shielding Gaskets at IDEX 2017

Elasto Proxy also custom-fabricates EMI shielding gaskets that combine environmental sealing with electrical conductivity and protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI). The particle-filled silicones that we convert contain metal or metal-coated particles and are available in a range of durometers. Specialized compounds include EMI fluorosilicones that resist jet fuel and chemicals, and shielding silicones that are reinforced with an inner layer of conductive fabric for increased tear resistance.

With our strong supplier network, Elasto Proxy can recommend rubber filled with silver, silver-aluminum, silver-nickel, or nickel-graphite particles. Many of the EMI silicones that we convert meet the requirements of MIL-DTL-83528, a U.S. military specification for elastomeric shielding gaskets. Two of these silver-aluminum materials have a qualified product listing (QPL) from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). For some military applications, nickel-graphite represents a cost-effective alternative.

Shock and Vibration Solutions at IDEX 2017

As a complete provider of custom sealing and insulation solutions, Elasto Proxy manufactures vibration mounts for the sensitive electronic displays used in land systems, naval ships, and military aircraft. We also make personal protection pads for confined spaces such as tanks and armored personnel carriers. With our custom-fabrication capabilities, we specialize in low-to-medium volume quantities (including quick-turn prototypes) for component-level solutions that the defense industry needs.

For more information about us, meet Elasto Proxy at IDEX 2017 or contact us at our world headquarters.