Doug Sharpe
President of Elasto Proxy

Moisson Laurentides
Moisson Laurentides

Moisson Laurentides is a community service and charitable organization that collects and distributes food to people in need. Headquartered in Blainville, Quebec, Canada, the Laurentian Foodbank is the hub of a social services network that provides more than just food assistance. As the Services page on its website explains, “Feeding people is a precarious thing. Feeding their esteem and hope is another”.

As part of its mission, Moisson Laurentides collects food donations in 116 municipalities and distributes supplies to nearly 90  local organizations. In turn, these local groups help to feed families in their own communities. Each month, the Laurentian Foodbank aids 50,000 people, of whom 40% are children. The organization’s permanent employees embrace this task, as do hundreds of dedicated volunteers.

Food donors also play an important role, especially during the holiday season. Each year, the Great Food Drive of December encourages both businesses and individuals to participate. As the co-founders and co-owners of a Québec-based company, my wife Donna and I are pleased to support the good work of Moisson Laurentides. In this endeavor, we are joined by the entire Elasto Proxy team.

During last month’s Family Day event at our office in Boisbriand, Elasto Proxy asked attendees to bring three non-perishable food items. The family and friends who joined us gave generously, donating boxes of pasta, canned goods, bottles of juice, soap, and even some toys. The donors were then entered into a drawing, and the winner received a coupon for groceries. Elasto Proxy’s food donation drive was a great success, and we were pleased to provide Moisson Laurentides with four big boxes of donations.

Elaine Bergeron, one of Elasto Proxy’s Team Leaders, helped organize this year’s food  drive and explained the food bank’s operation. First, incoming donations are separated by category. Next, various types of items are added to individual baskets, along with fresh vegetables and perishable items such as milk and yogurt. To ensure that all recipients receive equitable amounts, Moisson Laurentides also weighs these baskets before dispersing them to local organizations.

On behalf of Elasto Proxy, I’d like to thank all of our generous employees along with their families and friends for supporting Moisson Laurentides during the Great Food Drive of December. In my next blog entry, I will describe how our team will support one of the Laurentian Foodbank’s partners, Centraide Laurentides, throughout 2013.