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Product Overview & Description

EC02-025-EM is a medium-durometer EPDM sponge rubber profile that is black in color. It has a snake-like shape with two convolutions. The ends are identical and reinforced with metal clips. EC02-025-EM is 114.3 mm when stretched and 50.8 mm when compressed. The distance from the top of an end segment to the bottom of an adjacent segment is 17.00 mm.

Technical Drawing & Specification

WIDTH: As shown
HEIGHT: As shown
SCALE: Not to scale
COLOR: Black
DURO: Medium

Bending Radius & Additional Information

EC02-025-EM is a sponge rubber profile made of medium-density EPDM rubber. It is black in color and extruded to RMA class BEC2. This sponge rubber profile is serpentine, or snake-like, with several convolutions. The ends are plug-shaped and reinforced with a metal clip. EC02-025-EM is made of EPDM, a rubber that resists sunlight, water, and ozone.

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