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Product Overview & Description

ES32-117-E70 is a 70-durometer, U-shaped, solid rubber EPDM profile that is black in color and extruded to an RMA-E3 tolerance. The bottom section has slightly rounded edges and is the thickest part of the profile. This industrial rubber product is 16 mm tall and has two legs that are separated by a distance of 6 mm.

Technical Drawing & Specification

WIDTH: As shown
HEIGHT: As shown
SCALE: Not to scale
COLOR: Black
DURO: 70±

Bending Radius & Additional Information

ES32-117-E70 is a U-shaped, solid rubber profile that has a hardness, or durometer, of 70 Shore A. It is black in color, extruded to an RMA-E3 tolerance, and designed to press into place over an edge or flange. The depth of the groove between the profile’s legs is 10 mm. The distance between the profile’s legs is 6 mm.

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