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Product Overview & Description

ES12-188-P80T1 is a solid profile made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a vinyl-based plastic that is resistant to weathering, corrosion, shock, and abrasion. ES12-188-P80T1 is black in color with a glossy finish and has a durometer or hardness of 80 (Shore A). This solid profile is 27 mm long and 4 mm tall with a wavy pattern or shape on top.

Technical Drawing & Specification

WIDTH: As shown
HEIGHT: As shown
SCALE: Not to scale
COLOR: Black Glossy
DURO: 80 ±5

Bending Radius & Additional Information

ES12-188-P80T1 is an 80-durometer, solid PVC profile that is black in color with a glossy finish. It is 27 mm long, 4 mm tall and meets RMA tolerance class E2. The material of construction, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), resists abrasion, corrosion, shock and weathering. The top of this profile has a wave-like pattern and the bottom section is flat.

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