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Product Overview & Description

EC28-503-EM is a dual durometer EPDM bulb trim with a sponge rubber bulb atop a solid rubber retainer section. The bulb is flat on top and 10 mm across. The distance from the top of the bulb to the top of the trim cavity is 11.5 mm. The gap between the legs of the trim is 4 mm. Interior tongues provided added gripping and a metal retainer provides added impact resistance. EPDM rubber provides good environmental resistance.

Technical Drawing & Specification

WIDTH: As shown
HEIGHT: As shown
SCALE: Not to scale
COLOR: Black
DURO: Dual

Bending Radius & Additional Information

EC28-503 is a bulb trim seal with a top bulb made of EPDM sponge rubber. The retainer section of is made of EPDM solid rubber and has two legs that are 4 mm apart. EC28-503 is black in color and extruded to an RMA-E2 tolerance class. It is dual durometer extrusion, or co-extrusion, where the bulb and trim sections each have a different hardness. Use this product to seal doors and hatches with rounded corners.

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