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Product Overview & Description

EC28-274-EM is a dual durometer bulb trim with a solid rubber retainer section on the bottom and a sponge rubber bulb on the top. The bulb is round in shape and has two lips that protrude from either side. The distance between these lips is 10 mm. The bulb itself is 8 mm tall and is 2 mm thick. The trim, or retainer, section has a single tongue for added gripping and a metal clip for added impact resistance. This industrial rubber product is sold in coils.

Technical Drawing & Specification

WIDTH: As shown
HEIGHT: As shown
SCALE: Not to scale
COLOR: Black
DURO: Dual

Bending Radius & Additional Information

EC28-274-EM is an EPDM co-extrusion with two different durometers, or hardness, on the Shore A scale. The trim is located beneath the bulb and has two legs, each of which has a width of 2.5 mm. From the bottom of the legs to the ceiling of the trim, the distance is 9 mm. The bulb section is 8 mm tall, 2 mm thick, and has two lips at the top on either side. The distance between these protrusions is 10mm. The tolerance class is RMA-E2.

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