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Product Overview & Description

VM2-FF2020-R60 is an anti-vibration mount that consists of natural rubber bonded to zinc-plated steel. This vibration mount is cylindrical in shape and has threaded blind-holes for attachment with metal fasteners. Each hole is 8.5 mm tall, and VM2-FF2020-R60 is both 20 mm wide and 20 mm tall. This vibration control product is black in color and manufactured to an RMA-A2 tolerance. The durometer, or hardness, of the rubber is 60 durometer (Shore A).

Technical Drawing & Specification

MATERIAL: Natural Rubber/Steel
WIDTH: As shown
HEIGHT: As shown
SCALE: Not to scale
COLOR: Black
DURO: 60 ±5

Bending Radius & Additional Information

VM2-FF2020-R60 is a rubber-to-metal bonded assembly that uses natural rubber as the elastomer and zinc-plated steel. The natural rubber exterior provides excellent abrasion and tear resistance but offers poor oil and solvent resistance. Zinc-plated steel is corrosion-resistant and can resist high temperatures up to 120° F to 48.9° C. Use VM2-FF2020-R60 in environments where there is not exposure to machine oils or outdoor environments

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