Dual Durometer Rubber for Reliable Attachment and Stronger Sealing

Dual Durometer RubberElasto Proxy Designs and Custom-Fabricates Dual Durometer Extrusions for Rubber Parts

Dual durometer extrusions are industrial rubber parts with different areas of hardness. Typically, the harder rubber compound is used for attachment while the softer rubber is used for sealing.  Sometimes, different rubbers are used because of design considerations such product color schemes or the use of pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs).

By fabricating dual durometer rubber into a single part, a product such as window seal can have areas with different physical properties to meet application requirements. With window channels, the harder window rubber attaches to the window frame and the softer window rubber faces the glass window. Durometer is not limited to window seals, however, and is used with both sponge and solid profiles. (more…)

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Acrylic Foam Tapes for Infrastructure and Mobile Equipment

Acrylic Foam TapesAcrylic foam tapes provide durable bonding, superior sealing, and effective insulation. Learn about the advantages of these PSA tapes, how technical buyers and product designers select them, and how different types of acrylic foams tapes are used with infrastructure and mobile equipment.

Acrylic foam tapes provide dependable, cost-effective bonding, sealing, and insulation for infrastructure and mobile equipment. These double-sided industrial tapes have an acrylic foam core and use a high-strength pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) with a release liner. The foam core distributes stress evenly, and the PSA provides permanent attachment without metal fasteners, messy liquid adhesives, or time-consuming setup or curing processes. Are acrylic foam tapes right for your application? Let’s take a look. (more…)

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Optical Tapes and Edging Pads for Lenses

Click to Watch the VideoElasto Proxy converts plastic foam tapes into edging pads for optical laboratories. Learn how these custom-fabricated optical tapes protect lenses, and how to choose the right edging pads based on lens coatings and other criteria.

Optical laboratories cut, grind, and polish eyeglass lenses and other optical elements. They convert stock lenses or blanks into finished components that fit eyeglass frames and optical assemblies. At ophthalmic laboratories, optical technicians use cutting, grinding, and polishing machines to impart a precise shape to eyeglass lenses. During a process called edging, special blocking or edging pads are used to hold the lens firmly in place. These blocking pads are made of plastic foam tapes that Elasto Proxy can custom-fabricate. (more…)

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Plastic Foam Tapes for Bonding, Sealing, and Insulation

Video - Plastic Foam Tapes
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Elasto Proxy converts plastic foam tapes into complete bonding, sealing, and insulation solutions. Learn why industrial buyers and product designers are choosing acrylic, polyurethane, and PVC foam tapes.

Plastic foam tapes are used for bonding, sealing, acoustic insulation, shock absorption, and vibration damping.  They consist of a foam core, high-strength adhesive, and release liner. The foam core distributes stress evenly and transfers it away from the bond line. The pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) provides permanent attachment without curing, fastening, or extensive cleanups. Easy-to-remove release liners support peel-and-stick applications and protect plastic foam tapes during extended storage.

Elasto Proxy supplies plastic foam tapes made of acrylic, polyurethane (PUR), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and other polymers. These bonding or attachment tapes simplify product installation because they don’t require liquid adhesives or mechanical fasteners. Surface preparation is minimal, the use of harsh solvents for cleanup isn’t required, and tapes won’t run or sag like caulks or mastics. Custom-fabricated plastic foam tapes aren’t just easy-to-handle. They’re pre-sized to fit the joint, which speeds installation.

Let’s look at some types of plastic foam tapes that can support your product designs. (more…)

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