UL 94 Flame Ratings and Solid Plastic Parts

UL94 flammability ratingsLearn how UL 94 flame ratings for solid plastics can help part manufacturers select the right materials for flame resistance.

Doug Sharpe
President of Elasto Proxy

Do you need plastic parts made from materials with UL 94 flame ratings? How well do you understand this flammability standard, and how can you be sure you’re selecting the solid plastics that you really need? For starters, here are few facts to consider.

  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) doesn’t specify a single UL 94 flame rating.
  • There are different flame ratings for solid plastics, thin materials, and foamed materials.
  • There are different ratings depending on a burn specimen’s orientation (horizontal or vertical).
  • Not all plastics that meet the requirements of a UL 94 rating have been certified by UL.

Technical buyers and product designers don’t need to be UL 94 experts, but it’s important to understand some basics during compound selection.


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