Acrylic Foam Tapes for Infrastructure and Mobile Equipment

Acrylic Foam TapesAcrylic foam tapes provide durable bonding, superior sealing, and effective insulation. Learn about the advantages of these PSA tapes, how technical buyers and product designers select them, and how different types of acrylic foams tapes are used with infrastructure and mobile equipment.

Acrylic foam tapes provide dependable, cost-effective bonding, sealing, and insulation for infrastructure and mobile equipment. These double-sided industrial tapes have an acrylic foam core and use a high-strength pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) with a release liner. The foam core distributes stress evenly, and the PSA provides permanent attachment without metal fasteners, messy liquid adhesives, or time-consuming setup or curing processes. Are acrylic foam tapes right for your application? Let’s take a look. (more…)

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