EMI Gaskets for Electronic Devices and Equipment

EMI GasketsEMI gaskets help to protect electronic devices and equipment against disruptions and disturbances caused by electromagnetic interference (EMI). Because these shielding gaskets are made of particle-filled silicones, they also provide environmental sealing and resist a wide range of service temperatures. Depending on the durometer, the base elastomer supports varying degrees of compression. The metal or metal-coated particles provide EMI shielding and electrical conductivity.

Elasto Proxy custom-fabricates EMI gaskets for medical, military, mass transit, and many other applications, including aerospace. With our water jet cutting capabilities, we supply low-to-medium volume quantities of custom EMI gaskets with no tooling costs. In addition to flat connector gaskets, we manufacture EMI shielding gaskets from extruded materials. Water jet cutting isn’t just cost-effective. It’s also fast and precise, making it a great choice for prototypes. (more…)

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Sealing and Insulation with High-Temperature Textiles

High-Temperature TextilesElasto Proxy converts high-temperature textiles into custom seals and specialty insulation. Applications include industrial processing equipment and engine exhaust systems. Depending upon your application requirements, Elasto Proxy can custom-fabricate high-temperature products that also provide resistance to abrasion, chemicals, water, noise, and vibration.

With our water jet cutting and industrial sewing capabilities, Elasto Proxy turns high-temperature felts, blankets, and fabrics into unique sealing and insulation solutions. Our skilled production team can also laminate different types of materials together to create thermal-acoustic insulation. With our 25+ years of application experience, Elasto Proxy can help with technical design and material selection, too. (more…)

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Silicone Gaskets with High Flex-Fatigue Resistance

Flex Fatigue ResistanceElasto Proxy custom-fabricates silicone gaskets with high flex-fatigue resistance. These specialty gaskets are made of materials that meet the A-A-59588 3B specification for 50, 60, and 70-durometer silicones.

Silicone gaskets have many desirable properties. They’re chemically inert, resistant to ozone and ultraviolet light, offer thermal stability over a wide temperature range, and can repel water and form watertight seals. Silicone rubber is used in a variety of sealing and insulation applications, but some silicones have inadequate flex-fatigue resistance – a measure of a material’s ability to withstand repeated flexing or bending without cracking.

In some industries, however, flex-fatigue resistance is required. For example, aerospace engineers need silicones with high flex-fatigue resistance for door seals, window seals, and vibration-isolating mounts used with alternators, compressors, and assembly bolts. Members of the mobile equipment industry need crack-resistant silicones for engine mounts and exhaust hangers. Designers of aerospace and defense electronics need silicones that can flex without cracking in high-performance keypads. (more…)

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The Top 6 Sealing and Insulation Blog Posts of 2016

Six from 2016The Elasto Proxy Blog is starting the New Year by looking back at how we helped readers solve their sealing and insulation challenges in 2016. We’ve come a long since January 11, 2011, that day six years ago when we published our very first (and very short) blog entry.

Whether you’re new to the Blog or a veteran reader of our 225+ posts, Elasto Proxy is glad to have you with us. Here are our Top 6 Blog Posts from 2016 in terms of views. What would you like to read about in 2017? (more…)

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