How Elasto Proxy Supports the Medical and Healthcare Industries

Learn how Elasto Proxy fabricates custom seals and insulation for medical devices and equipment, and how our complete capabilities can strengthen your supply chain.

Medical Equipment BannerFor over 25 years, Elasto Proxy has strengthened manufacturing supply chains by providing low-to-medium volumes of specialty seals and insulation. Through design assistance, compound selection, and custom fabrication, we support the medical and healthcare industries from prototyping to production. Elasto Proxy also offer solutions that speed installation and optimize inventory management, saving you time and money. (more…)

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EMI Gaskets for Strong, Thin Electronic Designs

EMI GasketsElasto Proxy custom-fabricates EMI gaskets from nickel-graphite filled silicones that contain an inner layer of conductive fabric for added strength and thinner designs.

Some electronic designs need EMI gaskets that balance physical strength with support for thinner devices. Conductive elastomeric shielding gaskets are a proven technology, but some design engineers worry that shielding silicones are packed with so many particles that these elastomers are brittle and will tear easily. Other engineers believe that particle-filled shielding elastomers are too thick, and can’t support electronic products with thinner profiles. These concerns are important ones, but Elasto Proxy can address them by fabricating EMI gaskets from nickel-graphite shielding silicones that are reinforced with conductive fabric. (more…)

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Fiberglass Gaskets for High-Temperature Sealing and Insulation

Heat Exchanger Gaskets
Heat Exchanger Gaskets

Fiberglass gaskets are used in high-temperature environments. Elasto Proxy custom-fabricates fiberglass insulation and sealing solutions that meet all of your application requirements.

Furnaces, boilers, stoves, vehicles, and lighting all have something in common. They require high-temperature gaskets for sealing and insulation. Typically, these heat-resistant gaskets are part of a larger assembly or system. For example, a gas furnace may contain heat exchangers made of metal plates and high-temperature gaskets. A variable-speed blower creates a vacuum, induces a draft, and forces hot air past the primary and secondary heat exchangers, which transfer heat between two fluids. The heat exchanger gaskets aren’t the only components in this complex system, but they play an important role.

For engineers, choosing the right materials for heat-resistant gaskets is an essential design consideration. It’s also important to select gasket materials with the right environmental resistance, but without “over-engineering” the part based on actual service temperatures. As an experienced gasket fabricator, Elasto Proxy can recommend the right rubber or non-rubber material for your high-temperature application. Using water jet cutting, we convert gasket materials cost-effectively without metal dies or tooling charges. Our skilled production personnel perform gasket bonding or joining operations with precision. (more…)

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Fluorosilicone Gaskets for Pharmaceutical Equipment

Fluorosilicone Gaskets for PharmaFor fluorosilicone gaskets, manufacturers of pharmaceutical equipment choose Elasto Proxy. 

The pharmaceutical industry uses solid dosage processing equipment to manufacture finished doses of medication in tablet or capsule form. Often, these solid doses are coated to mask the medicine’s taste or odor, protect the drug in the stomach, and to control its release profile. Tablet coating equipment rotates pills and ensures that coatings are applied evenly. This pharmaceutical equipment features stainless steel construction and includes components such as pumps, spray nozzles, and electric motors.

When a major manufacturer of solid dosage processing equipment needed to replace the door and side gaskets on a tablet coating machine, the company asked Elasto Proxy to supply the sealing solution. The manufacturer was refurbishing some used equipment, and needed two side gaskets and one door gasket rather than hundreds or even thousands of parts. Each of the bonded gaskets was thick and large, and the rubber that was required was fairly expensive. Elasto Proxy custom-fabricated a cost-effective solution that met all of the equipment manufacturer’s requirements. (more…)

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QPL Connector Gaskets for EMI Shielding in Military Electronics

QPL Connector GasketsQPL connector gaskets meet demanding DoD standards. This is the second in a series of technical articles about why defense contractors choose EMI gaskets from Elasto Proxy.

Some military contracts require QPL connector gaskets made from Qualified Product List (QPL) materials. The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) manages the QPL program, which is designed to ensure performance, quality, and reliability in mission-critical military electronics. Achieving a QPL listing is a demanding process, and not all material suppliers can meet DoD requirements.

For design engineers and technical buyers, sourcing QPL materials is only part of the challenge. In addition to compound selection, it’s important to evaluate a potential partner’s manufacturing capabilities. EMI gaskets that are made of particle-filled silicones support various fabrication methods, but designers and buyers need to pick a gasket fabricator with the right balance of experience and expertise. (more…)

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