Fluorosilicone Gaskets for Pharmaceutical Equipment

Fluorosilicone Gaskets for PharmaFor fluorosilicone gaskets, manufacturers of pharmaceutical equipment choose Elasto Proxy. 

The pharmaceutical industry uses solid dosage processing equipment to manufacture finished doses of medication in tablet or capsule form. Often, these solid doses are coated to mask the medicine’s taste or odor, protect the drug in the stomach, and to control its release profile. Tablet coating equipment rotates pills and ensures that coatings are applied evenly. This pharmaceutical equipment features stainless steel construction and includes components such as pumps, spray nozzles, and electric motors.

When a major manufacturer of solid dosage processing equipment needed to replace the door and side gaskets on a tablet coating machine, the company asked Elasto Proxy to supply the sealing solution. The manufacturer was refurbishing some used equipment, and needed two side gaskets and one door gasket rather than hundreds or even thousands of parts. Each of the bonded gaskets was thick and large, and the rubber that was required was fairly expensive. Elasto Proxy custom-fabricated a cost-effective solution that met all of the equipment manufacturer’s requirements. (more…)

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Fluorosilicone Gaskets for Sealing and Insulation

Fluorosilicone Gaskets
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Fluorosilicone gaskets combine the high and low temperature resistance of silicones with the fuel and oil resistance of fluorocarbons. Some fluorosilicone gasket materials also resist abrasion and provide EMI shielding. Is fluorosilicone the right rubber for your gasketing application?

Fluorosilicones combine the temperature resistance of silicones with the fuel, oil, and solvent resistance of fluorocarbons. Applications for these extreme-environment elastomers include automotive, aerospace, defense, electronics, and semiconductor manufacturing.

For technical buyers and design engineers, however, choosing the right rubber can involve more than just specifying a temperature range, oil or fuel type, and industry. Is flurosilicone rubber right for your sealing and insulation application? If so, what type of fluorosilicone compound do you need? Some provide specialized properties that you might not expect.  (more…)

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