EPDM, TPE, and Silicone Rubber Edge Trim

EPDM, TPE, and silicone are three commonly-used compounds for rubber edge trim. Which elastomer is right for your sealing and insulation application?

Rubber Edge TrimRubber edge trim is used to finish and protect exposed metal edges on vehicle and machine doors, kitchen equipment, and other sheet metal surfaces. Typically, these industrial rubber products are U-shaped so that the retainer section can be pressed over the metal edge. Materials of construction include solid, sponge, or dual durometer rubber. Durometer, a measure of hardness, describes a material’s resistance to compression or pressure. The higher the durometer, the harder the rubber.

Elasto Proxy keeps standard edge trims in stock, and can custom-fabricate rubber edge trim that meets your precise specifications. We can also supply edge trim where the retainer contains either a wire core or a segmented steel core to help absorb impact. For design engineers and technical buyers, choosing the right product often begins with compound selection. In this technical article from Elasto Proxy, we examine three common compounds for edge trims: EPDM, TPE, and silicone. (more…)

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