Thermal-Acoustic Insulation for Military Land Systems

Thermal-Acoustic InsulationThermal-acoustic insulation for military land systems absorbs heat and sound. These composite structures are used in engine compartments, doors, floors, side panels, and hatch covers. Elasto Proxy custom-fabricates thermal-acoustic insulation from foams, films, facings, and other specialized materials that meet your requirements. Our capabilities include water jet cutting for precise cuts, lamination for the reliable joining of different materials, and taping for thermal-acoustic insulation that’s easy-to-install.

For designers of military vehicles, it’s important to specify thermal-acoustic insulation that supports the mission. The big diesel engines that power military land systems run hot and loud. Heat and noise from the engine bay don’t just make the crew compartment uncomfortable. The air conditioning needs to run constantly, soldiers can’t hear each other over engine sounds, and the vehicle’s thermal profile is more susceptible to infrared detection. High heat can damage vehicle electronics, too. (more…)

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How to Seal Your Success at AUSA 2016

Meet Elasto Proxy at AUSA 2016Defense contractors trust sealing and insulation solutions from Elasto Proxy, a custom-fabricator of low-to-medium volumes of rubber and plastic parts. For over 25 years, our ISO 9001:2008-certified company has been providing custom solutions like these for major military programs:

– Rubber seals for vehicle doors, windows, and hatches

– Military gaskets for generator sets and other equipment

– Vibration mounts for sensitive electronic displays

– EMI connector gaskets that meet M83528 requirements

– Personal protection pads for confined spaces such as tanks

– Thermal and acoustic insulation for engine compartments and cabs

– Specialty seals for engine exhaust and amphibious equipment

– Partitions for engine exhaust and amphibious equipment

This October, Elasto Proxy will join other leading members of the defense supply chain at AUSA 2016, the largest land power exposition in North America. If you’re headed to this important event and serious about solving sealing and insulation challenges, request a meeting with Elasto Proxy. (more…)

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Structural Foams for Strong, Lightweight Insulation

Structural FoamsElasto Proxy custom fabricates strong, lightweight insulation made from structural foams. Applications include custom baths, signs and displays, and blast mitigation. 

Structural foams are strong but lightweight materials with a sandwich-like structure. They consist of a foam core that’s sandwiched between two thin but solid layers. During production, a blowing agent is introduced and process parameters are modified. Compared to solid injection molding, the foam molding process provides important design and performance benefits. Structural foams also support cost-effective custom fabrication and can be laminated to other materials in multi-layer composites. (more…)

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