Butyl Rubber Gaskets

Butyl Ruber Applications: Seals and Gaskets
Butyl Ruber Applications: Seals and Gaskets

Learn about the properties of butyl rubbers and the applications for butyl rubber seals and gaskets.

Doug Sharpe
President of Elasto Proxy

Did you drive to work today? Maybe you took the bus instead. If your commute involved traveling on tires, then butyl rubber helped get you there. Tires are made of several different elastomers, but butyl plays a special role. Because this synthetic rubber resists the passage of gases, butyl is used for the inner liner, the part of the tire that holds the compressed air. Butyl also resists moisture, and that helps keep the steel belts that are embedded in car, truck, and bus tires from rusting. Butyl resists chemicals, too.


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