Expert Technical Design for Your Specific Application

Elasto Proxy solves design challenges by custom fabricating plastic and rubber components that meet all of your technical requirements. Innovative and flexible, our experienced technical services team has the application knowledge and dedication to craftsmanship to design industrial products that are both cost-effective and high-quality.

As your design partner and problem solver, Elasto Proxy can also leverage the power of an extensive product catalog on your behalf. For over 20 years, our business relationships have spanned a range of industries and applications, and included a host of products. For your most difficult design challenges, Elasto Proxy offers answers that strengthen your entire supply chain.

Application Knowledge

Technical designers and top managers need a supplier who understands all of their requirements for custom fabricating rubber and plastic parts. They want to see what a supplier can do, and to hear what an experienced technical services team can offer. That’s why Elasto Proxy offers information about compound selection on its website, and will discuss our experience with you by email or telephone.

CAD Files for Plastic and Rubber Components

Our solutions providers will also share computer-aided design (CAD) files of plastic parts and rubber components from our extensive product catalog. By adding these files to your own product designs, you can see for yourself what Elasto Proxy has to offer. By listening to you and analyzing all of your needs, our technical services team can also help with material selection.

SolidWorks for Predictive Modeling

Elasto Proxy uses SolidWorks, a three-dimensional (3D) CAD application with robust design capabilities, to validate technical designs and optimize them for cost and weight. By analyzing the deformation of a profile, for example, we may be able to minimize the amount of compound used and reduce material costs. Our technical services team also uses SolidWorks to simulate gasket compression, identify assembly and operational strains in door seals, and analyze compression set and tensile strength.

Design Assistance and Custom Fabrication

As your design partner and problem solver, Elasto Proxy is dedicated to delivering high-quality, cost-effective sealing solutions that meet all of your technical requirements. Our experienced solutions providers offer expert design assistance, and ensure that your custom-fabricated plastic and rubber components are right for your specific application.

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