Elasto Proxy is joining the fight against COVID-19 by manufacturing 30,000 masks in Boisbriand, Quebec.

Humanity is under threat: we are living an unprecedented crisis that threatens the very basis of our existence. In a matter of days, our freedom and safety were taken away from us by an invisible enemy. Let’s stand behind our healthcare workers in fighting this war, because losing it isn’t an option. History has shown us that in times of crisis, there are two types of survivors: those who retreat in fear and those who stand up and fight with whatever capabilities they have. Elasto Proxy, a manufacturer of sealing solutions, has chosen to rise to the challenge and join the battle in supporting our brothers and sisters working in healthcare in their fight against COVID-19. Elasto Proxy has decided to shift from its core expertise, which is the manufacturing of rubber and silicone seals, to produce safety masks in compliance with WHO guidelines.
“We will be delivering 30,000 masks in the coming weeks, and we are about to start the manufacturing of hospital bed incubators.” Clyde Sharpe, president of Elasto Proxy

 We stand loud and proud behind those who are on the front line. Our team and manufacturing capabilities are ready to serve all Quebecers and Canadians to bring an end to this virus. Together, we will beat it.

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