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Elasto Proxy employees are preparing for the Défi Deux-Montagnes (Two-Mountains Challenge), a June 9th event that lets participants run or walk a distance of their choice. It’s all part of our Boisbriand, Quebec company’s goal of promoting healthy lifestyles for our employees. This healthy lifestyles blog is one in an ongoing series.

Now in its sixth year, the Two-Mountains Challenge is a local footrace in Ville de Deux-Montagnes that features courses ranging from 1km and 2km sprints, to the more challenging 5km and 10km distances. The goal of this fun-filled event is to encourage people of all ages to be more physically active so that they may experience more fulfilling lives.

The poster below provides additional details. Come join us for this fun event and cheer on Elasto Proxy! Click here for directions to the race.

Défi Deux-Montagnes
Défi Deux-Montagnes

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