Warehouse kitting has five benefits that can save you time and money. 

  1. Faster assembly
  2. Reduced overhead
  3. Volume discounts
  4. Reduced packaging waste
  5. Fewer errors

Elasto Proxy provides kitting services for rubber products such as seals, gaskets, and insulation.  Keep reading to learn how we can help you, or contact us to discuss your specific kitting application.

#1 Faster Assembly

Kitted parts are faster to install because everything you need is in the same box. With a seat assembly, for example, all of the molded rubber parts can arrive in the same box, including rubber-to-metal bonded assemblies for the seat track.

#2 Reduced Overhead 

Kitted parts reduce overhead because there are fewer SKUs to order, receive, store, and pay for. If your company uses just-in-time inventory (JIT), a box of kitted parts can move from your dock to the assembly line and bypass the warehouse.  

#3 Volume Discounts 

The price of individual items may change over time. Plus, it’s usually more expensive to buy one-off items instead of making regular purchases from a vendor. When you buy kitted items on a schedule, you may be able to get a volume discount since your supplier is regularly selling more parts in fewer shipments.

#4 Reduced Packaging Waste 

Multiple rubber products don’t require specially-designed packaging if they can fit inside a standard carboard box. These boxes can be recycled, but kitting can reduce the number of incoming boxes that you need to temporarily store and then break-down.

#5 Fewer Errors 

Because kitting means fewer SKUs to handle, it reduces the risk of mistakes during purchasing, receiving, warehousing, picking, and payment. For example, if parts with several different SKUs are similar in appearance, a picker may pull the wrong item from an inventory bin.  

Choose Kitting Services from Elasto Proxy

Are you ready to improve your operational efficiency and reduce your number of SKUs? Elasto Proxy can help you to cut costs, minimize risks, and reduce waste. To learn more about kitting services for industrial rubber products, contact us.

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