Green Power
Green Power

Elasto Proxy designs and custom-fabricates plastic and rubber components for wind power projects. For over 20 years, our family-owned business has helped green power customers strengthen their supply chains with low-cost, high-value sealing solutions. Unlike other fabricators of industrial rubber products, Elasto Proxy is your partner in the manufacturing process. Our commitment to you begins with listening to all of your requirements and analyzing all of your needs.

Our experience with wind energy technology means that we have the application knowledge and technical expertise to find cost-effective solutions to your sealing challenges. With customers in so many different industries, we may even suggest rubber products that have been used successfully under comparable conditions in other applications. For example, the rubber mats we’ve designed for specialty construction vehicles have been used in windmills, as have our standard rubber U-channels.

Elasto Proxy’s custom-fabrication capabilities can also help your company to save money. For example, by applying our technical expertise, we discovered a way to cut a special angled slit for a windmill blade. This clean part requires no secondary processing and costs less to produce.  Elasto Proxy also provides wind power customers with windmill door seals and rubber gaskets, sound insulation for nacelles, and protective rubber profiles for windmill blades.

Elasto Proxy’s experience with the wind power industry also means that we’re familiar with the sourcing and pricing requirements of government-funded green energy programs. For example, if your sealing product needs a “Made in America” stamp, Elasto Proxy can work with its network of U.S. suppliers to extrude or mold the part. With our commitment to on-time shipments, green power customers from Canada to China also enjoy a supply chain partner in Elasto Proxy.

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