What’s the Right Rubber Tubing for Your Application?

Rubber TubingRubber tubing is used in fluid transport and for electrical protection. Applications include shock absorption and low compression force sealing. Different elastomers have different properties, so design engineers and technical buyers need to choose rubber tubes carefully. Specifications such as durometer (hardness) and inner and outer diameter are especially important to consider.

By choosing the right rubber compound for industrial tubing, you can strengthen your company’s product designs. You can also control costs by selecting rubber tubes that are cut-to-size and ready-to-install. Metal tubes resist high temperatures and provide physical strength, but they cost more than rubber tubes. Plus, metal tubing may be subject to rust, corrosion, or scaling. (more…)

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Industrial Tubing for Low Compression Sealing and Shock Absorption

Video - Industrial Tubing from Elasto Proxy
Video – Industrial Tubing from Elasto Proxy

Industrial tubing that’s made of rubber or plastic provides low compression force sealing and shock absorption. So whether you’re thinking about replacing metal tubing, or wondering which type of rubber tubing or plastic tubing is right for your application, Elasto Proxy is ready to help.

Industrial tubing is used in fluid transport, electrical sheathing, and structural applications. Metal tubes resist high temperatures and provide physical strength, but typically cost more than rubber or plastic tubes. Some metals are also subject to rust, corrosion and scaling – problems that can reduce flow rates and cause higher pressure drops. For industrial buyers and design engineers then, choosing the right type of industrial tubing begins with material selection. What type of tubes do you need for your application? (more…)

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