Rubber Sheets for Flooring, Sealing, EMI Shielding, and Insulation

Rubber Sheets - Video
Video – Rubber Sheets from Elasto Proxy

Rubber sheets aren’t only used for flooring. They’re also used for environmental sealing, EMI shielding, and sandwich-style insulation against heat, noise, and vibration. Choose standard sheet stock or specialty sheeting, and ask Elasto Proxy to use water jet cutting and laminating or adhesives to create your custom solution.

Rubber sheets are used for sealing and insulation in industrial, commercial, and military applications. Many different types of rubber sheet stock are available, but an off-the-shelf product may not be right for your application. By working with a custom fabrication specialist, industrial buyers and designer engineers can source standard or specialty elastomers and then have rubber sheeting cut to size. Elastomeric sheets with laminates or adhesives already applied can also speed sheet installation. (more…)

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