Rubber Hatch Seal Case Study

military vehiclesRubber hatch seals for military vehicles don’t just keep out wind, water, dirt, and mud. They need to withstand extreme temperatures and various weather conditions. Hatch seals must avoid compression set, too. If a vehicle’s hatch causes a rubber seal to over-compress, the part won’t provide proper sealing. Ultimately, this permanent deformation creates a gap and causes seal failure. That’s bad news for military vehicles and the highly-trained personnel who operate them.

In this case study from Elasto Proxy, you’ll learn how we solved a sealing challenge for a manufacturer of military vehicles. The rubber hatch seals that we supply resist over-compression and demonstrate the value that we add to defense contracts. For our 25 years, Elasto Proxy has been an important link in the military supply chain. Elasto Proxyalso holds a Controlled Good Certificate (CGC) and works closely with trade groups such as the Canadian Association of Defense and Security Industries (CADSI). (more…)

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