Elasto Proxy custom-fabricates polyurethane foam for vibration control and shock absorption.

Excessive amounts of shock and vibration can cause equipment to malfunction and systems to fail. In some cases, such as the collapse of a bridge or a building, the results can be catastrophic. Shock and vibration aren’t just problems for architects, however. Designers of vehicles and equipment also need solutions to vibration control and shock absorption challenges.

Elasto Proxy, a custom-fabricator of industrial rubber products, specializes in high-performance custom insulation for shock and vibration. We also provide design assistance and help with material selection. For demanding applications such as automotive suspensions and custom flooring military vehicles, engineers and technical buyers trust our custom-fabricated polyurethane foam for shock and vibration.

Understanding Shock and Vibration

Vibration is a repetitive, oscillating motion that wastes energy and causes unwanted sound. The causes of vibration are numerous, and include low-level seismic disturbances, vehicular and foot traffic, and rotating or reciprocating machinery. Within motors, blowers, fans, computers, and other systems, vibrating components can induce fatigue and reduce reliability.

Vibration isolators can help, but excessive vibration may not be the only design challenge you face. For applications such as mobile equipment and military vehicles, engineers also need to account for shock – a sudden impact that produces mechanical stress. Although vibration isolation provides some degree of shock protection, the principles of shock and vibration are not the same.

Whereas vibrations are repetitive, shock is generally a one-time event. Yet that doesn’t make mechanical shock any less serious. If a tractor or military transport lacks shock absorbers, the vehicle will bounce excessively. This can cause onboard electronics to malfunction and personnel to sustain injuries. For military applications, the threat of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) raises the stakes even higher.

SH-394-9-Z Polyurethane Foam

For complete solutions to shock and vibration challenges, Elasto Proxy custom-fabricates pads, mats, and other rubber products from a high-performance polyurethane foam. This foam rubber resembles a slice of bread, but has robust properties. Specifically, Elasto Proxy’s SH-394-9-Z materials won’t become wider when compressed, which makes them a great choice for applications where space is tight.

In addition to high-volume compressibility with minimal transverse expansion, Elasto Proxy’s SH-394-9-Z polyurethane insulation provides these proprieties:

  • Increased energy absorption with increased density
  • Predictable performance under compressive force
  • Low permanent deformation under constant stress
  • Resistance to oil, grease, ozone, and ultraviolet (UV) light
  • Temperature resistance from -30°C to +80°C

Applications for SH-394-9-Z include automotive suspensions and floor mats. In cars and trucks, polyurethane parts absorb impact and help protect the vehicle’s suspension. In military vehicles, polyurethane is used to coat floor matting and help absorb the impact of blasts under the vehicle, such as from IEDs. Potential applications for SH-394-9-Z also include:

  • Hood gaskets in mobile equipment and military vehicles
  • Shock absorbers for elevators and production equipment
  • Vibration isolators for household appliances

Complete Solutions to Design Challenges

For over 25 years, Elasto Proxy has specialized in the fabrication of low-to-medium volume quantities of industrial rubber products such as high-performance insulation. Here at our headquarters in Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada, we offer a unique combination of state-of-the-technology and traditional pride-in-craftsmanship. Design assistance and compound selection are just some of the ways we can help you.

For example, Elasto Proxy’s waterjet cutting machine makes fine, fast cuts without putting excessive pressure on the profile. Unlike die cutting, there are no tooling costs or waiting for tooling. Unlike laser cutting, water jet cutting won’t burn or “toast” the edges of the material. If your custom insulation project is complex, we can even build composite materials with a sandwich-like structure.

Do you need complete solutions to sealing and insulation challenges? Are you looking for help with shock and vibration control challenges? Is polyurethane foam right for your application? We’re ready to help and have the experience to do so. To learn more, contact Elasto Proxy.