Elasto Proxy supplies neoprene edge trim in low minimum order quantities (MOQs). Contact us to place an order.

Edge trim is used to protect personnel, vehicles, machinery, and equipment. To help the rubber seal absorb impact, edge trim can contain either wire cores or segmented steel cores. Rubber edging is designed to be pushed into place over a flange.

Neoprene edge trims provide resistance to oils, greases, and other petroleum-based products. In addition to physical toughness, they offer resistance to ozone, water, weather, and a wide range of indoor and outdoor temperatures.

Unlike EPDM rubber, neoprene is an elastomer that provides only limited flexibility at low temperatures. During material selection, it’s also important to indicate whether you need a commodity rubber or a specialty grade.

Commodity rubber costs less but may not meet the specific standard that your application requires. Specialty rubber costs more, so it’s important to ensure that you really need it. Otherwise, you could over-engineer your edge trims and incur unnecessary expenses.

Elasto Proxy is a rubber fabricator and distributor that provides manufacturers with low-to-medium volumes of edge trim made of neoprene rubber and other materials. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer with over 30 years experience and offer a variety of value-added services. 

Do you need neoprene edge trim in low-to-medium volume quantities? Contact Elasto Proxy

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