Elasto Proxy supplies mobile equipment parts to manufacturers of construction, agriculture, mining, and forestry equipment. We also serve the trucking industry From the operator cabin to the engine bay and from functional interiors to rugged exteriors, we specialize in low-to-medium volumes of rubber and plastic parts.

One-Stop Shopping Meets Value-Added Services

You might think of Elasto Proxy as a gasket fabricator or a distributor, but we’re much more than that. In addition to door and window seals, we make thermal and acoustic insulation. We offer extrusions if you need them, but we also supply molded parts like hose connectors and vibration mounts.  

In addition to our fabrication and distribution capabilities, we provide value-added services like kitting, custom packaging, and warehousing. Imagine reducing manufacturing waste and achieving greater operational efficiency. Then turn that vision into reality by partnering with Elasto Proxy.

Keep reading to learn about the mobile equipment parts we supply, or contact us for a quote.

Types of Mobile Equipment Parts

There are different ways to describe mobile equipment parts, but this article categorizes them by where and how they’re used.

  • Doors and Windows
  • Inside the Cabin
  • Inside the Engine Bay
  • Exteriors, Finishing, and Trim

The following sections explain.

Mobile Equipment Parts for Doors and Windows

Most door gaskets and window channels are made from extruded rubber. During the extrusion process, uncured elastomers are pushed or drawn through a metal tool called a die. Later, the rubber is cured through vulcanization. Then it’s shipped to distributors and fabricators in coils.   

At Elasto Proxy, coils of rubber are cut to size using water jet equipment. Later, these cut lengths are joined together using a choice of gasket bonding methods. Whether you need a gasket that looks like a picture frame or has rounded edges, you’ll get leak-free performance. 

Typically, the door seals and window channels for mobile equipment are made from EPDM, a weather-resistant rubber. Some manufacturers use thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) instead because TPEs are recyclable. Most rubber is black, but extrusions in custom colors are available. 

Inside the Cabin 

The noise inside mobile equipment cabins needs to be within occupational health and safety limits. Big diesel engines are loud, but noise is also a challenge with battery-powered equipment. Without the rumble of a noisy engine, other sounds become much more noticeable.       

For operator cabins, Elasto Proxy makes acoustic insulation and floor matting that can absorb, block, or dampen sounds. We work with a variety of acoustical materials and laminate them into sandwich-like structures that we then cut to size with our water jet equipment.

Sound absorbing foams and facings are used with headliners and interior panels. Sound blockers or sound dampers are used with rubber floors and floormats. They provide a smart alternative to slippery metal flooring and stain-prone carpeting. For secure footing, we provide step treads, too.  

Elasto Proxy also supplies anti-vibration pads and mounts that reduce noise-induced vibrations. Along with rubber-to-metal bonded components, we offer molded rubber and plastic parts such as bellows, shifter boots, control and button covers, and brake and pedal covers.

Inside the Engine Bay

Diesel engines produce heat that mobile equipment manufacturers want to keep away from the cabin and the operator that sits inside. That’s why Elasto Proxy makes thermal insulation that’s attached to the firewall. Typically, these products have a foil facing that reflects radiant heat.

To absorb, block, or dampen engine sounds, we can also laminate acoustic materials to thermal insulation for a complete noise-and-heat solution. Electrified mobile equipment doesn’t have an engine bay, of course, but we can supply gaskets for battery compartments.   

Elasto Proxy’s under-the-hood solutions include heater, coolant, and vacuum hoses that are made of silicone or EPDM. These products are available with optional reinforcements and a choice of liner materials. Electrified equipment also uses silicone hose connectors, but for cooling systems.

Exteriors, Finishing, and Trim

Finally, Elasto Proxy supplies rubber and plastic products for mobile vehicle exteriors. Examples include mud flaps, straps, covers, and cushions – just to name a few. In addition, we supply edge trim that protects exposed metal edges and the people who come into contact with them.

For the mobile equipment parts that manufacturers need, Elasto Proxy is where one-stop-shopping meets value-added services. 

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