infrastructure projectsInfrastructure projects need sealing and insulation solutions that reduce risk and strengthen product designs. That’s why the industry chooses Elasto Proxy.

Buildings are more than just enclosed structures. In addition to foundations, roofing, and exterior walls, they contain components such as doors, windows, flooring, and lighting fixtures. Industrial, commercial, and residential buildings also include non-structural systems such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical power, and fire protection. Together, all of these components and systems represent infrastructure – and infrastructure needs sealing and insulation from Elasto Proxy.

We’re Passionate About Problem-Solving

Builders, plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians all want sealing and insulation products that are reliable, cost-effective, and easy-to-install. Compliance with building codes, regulations, and standards like NSF/ANSI 61 are important, too. The engineers who design seals and insulation want these same things, but designers face increasing pressure to deliver higher levels of quality at lower levels of cost. Technical buyers face challenges, too. If a supplier can’t deliver, infrastructure projects may be delayed.

As an experienced provider of specialty seals and custom insulation, Elasto Proxy understands what your infrastructure projects need to succeed. Plus, we’re passionate about problem-solving. If an old seal won’t cover the gap in your new product design, we’ll apply our technical expertise. If you need thermal-acoustic insulation for a retrofit, we’ll custom-fabricate a specialized “sandwich” from materials that handle high heat and loud sounds. We can provide rubber matting for anti-slip flooring, too.

Compound Selection and Application Knowledge

BuildingsElasto Proxy can also help you choose the right seals for doors, windows, skylights, hatch covers, and lighting fixtures. Depending on your requirements, our solutions providers may recommend EPDM gaskets, flame-retardant profiles, or ozone-resistant materials. We can also source molded rubber parts, dual-durometer extrusions, window channels, and weather-stripping. From hatch seals for HVAC systems to custom gate seals for water filtration systems, Elasto Proxy strengthens your product designs.

With our 25+ years of application experience, Elasto Proxy also understands how different building materials interact. For example, rubber seals hold window glass in place and also contact metal window frames. When the sun’s rays strike then, it’s not just the glass that expands. Because changes in temperature cause changes in an elastomer’s length, area, and volume, product designers need a supply chain partner that understands the relationship between seal selection and thermal expansion.

Custom Fabrication, Inventory Management, and Logistics

Seal design and compound selection are important but Elasto Proxy also adds value to your projects through custom-fabrication. Because we specialize in low-to-medium volume quantities, Elasto Proxy is the right choice for prototyping or production. Our water jet cutter makes fine, fast cuts without tooling charges. Our skilled production personnel bond gasket corners with accuracy and precision. The taped gaskets that we supply arrive ready-to-install, reducing your labor costs and speeding operations.

Yet Elasto Proxy isn’t just a provider of rubber seals, plastic parts, and composite materials. We’re a supply chain partner whose expertise includes inventory management and logistics. After Elasto Proxy custom-fabricates your parts, we can store quantities in our U.S. or Canadian warehouses and then ship them to you on-demand or according to your sales forecasts. With our expertise in logistics, we don’t just provide on-time shipments – we ship your sealing and insulation solutions cost-effectively.

How Can We Help You with Infrastructure Projects?

For over 25 years, Elasto Proxy has provided custom seals and specialty insulation for doors, windows, skylights, hatch covers, lighting fixtures, flooring, and many other infrastructure projects. Would you like to learn more about our capabilities? Would you like to learn how our capabilities can solve your specific challenges? For more information, please contact us.

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