EV value-added services from Elasto Proxy combine the power of custom fabrication for electric vehicle (EV) parts with the benefits of kitting, assembly packaging, forecasting, and warehousing. If you’re an EV parts manufacturer, value-added services like this help can help you to promote efficiency, reduce waste, speed time-to-market, and avoid stock-outs. You can also conserve cash flow and get volume discounts, even if you buy in low-to-medium minimum order quantities.  

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Kitting groups two or more parts together to create a single stock keeping unit (SKU). For example, the door seals and window rubber for an electric car could all be in the same kit. This simplifies ordering and receiving and reduces the time that inventory personnel spend finding, sorting, handling, and organizing stock. Then, when it’s time for installers to get to work, they have all of the door and window seals that they need for an electric vehicle. A kit like this can even travel right from your receiving dock to your assembly line and bypass inventory altogether.

Assembly Packaging

Assembly packaging arranges kitted parts in order of installation. The part to install first is on top, the part to install next is below the first part, and so on. The assembler just follows the work instructions and removes each part from the kit when it’s time for installation. There’s no searching for parts and no reason to confuse parts that look the same or nearly the same. Also, because the installer can take all of the parts to the EV in a single box, there’s no need to walk back and forth to get parts that are needed. Motion is a form of manufacturing waste, so why not bring all of the parts to where the work is done?


EV manufacturers that share their production forecasts with Elasto Proxy can conserve cash flow, maximize floor space, and get volume discounts even when ordering lower volumes of parts. It’s the smart alternative to ordering more parts than you need and then struggling to store them when you want to use as much floor space as possible for assembly. Just export your forecast as an Excel spreadsheet, send it to Elasto Proxy, and issue us a blanket purchase order with release dates. We’ll import your forecast into our materials planning system so we can replenish you – and we won’t bill until we ship.    


Ordering all of the EV parts you need for a year is one way to make sure you don’t face stock-outs. However, storing these amounts could take up a lot of valuable space in your facility. Shelving is expensive, too, and a forklift driver could hit a box (or boxes) and damage the parts inside. Plus, carrying excess inventory like this ties up cash. When you work with Elasto Proxy, we can buy in bulk so you can get a volume discount and store your supplies in our North American or European warehouses. Whether it’s for raw materials or finished goods, we can store what you need so you don’t have to.

More EV Value-Added Services

Do you need value-added services for custom fabricated EV parts? In addition to kitting, custom packaging, forecasting, and warehousing, Elasto Proxy also provides UV parts marking and maintains an in-house acoustic laboratory with metrology instruments. Plus, with our supply chain strength, we can help you to simplify sourcing decisions. From EV engineering assistance to EV parts fabrication to value-added services, it’s clear why the EV industry is choosing Elasto Proxy.    

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