Elasto Proxy supplies rubber products to electric vehicle (EV) companies. Types include:

  • anti-vibration mounts
  • bulb trim seals and dual durometer rubber
  • hose connectors and other molded parts
  • rubber profiles (solid and sponge)
  • edge trim for EV interiors
  • window channels
  • rubber sheeting and floor matting
  • insulation (thermal, acoustic, and thermal-acoustic)
  • molded rubber parts and rubber-to-metal bonded assemblies
  • flat parts made of rubber sheets or foams, including composite structures

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EV Anti-Vibration Mounts

EV anti-vibration mounts are rubber-to-metal bonded assemblies for motors and transmissions. The rubber absorbs vibrational energy that can damage mechanical components or contribute to noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). In the drivetrain, motor mounts isolate motor-axle vibrations.  Transmission mounts also isolate vibrations and prevent their transfer to the electric vehicle chassis.

vibration mounts | anti-vibration mount
EV Anti-Vibration Mounts

EV Bulb Trim Seals and Dual Durometer Rubber

EV bulb trim seals are extruded rubber products with two sections: a compressible bulb that provides the sealing action, and a retainer section that attaches to a flange. Each trim seal section has a dual durometer, or two different hardnesses. In electric cars, bulb trim is used for trunk seals, door seals, and tailgate seals. In electric buses, trains, and works trucks, these rubber products are used to seal compartments.

EV Bulb Trim Seals

EV Hose Connectors and Other Molded Parts

EV hose connectors are molded parts that support fluid transfer. They’re used in the air conditioning system and in the battery pack, where cooling is achieved using glycol and water. In addition to hose connectors, Elasto Proxy can supply you with molded silicone hoses, molded EPDM hoses, and molded parts like rubber bumpers for electric forklifts.

hydrogen vehicles | Rubber Hoses | Custom Silicone Hose Connectors
EV Hose Connectors

Electric Vehicle Rubber Profiles

EV rubber profiles are made of either solid rubber or sponge rubber. Applications include solid profiles for the window track and hood seals made from sponge profiles. In an electric bus, electric train, or other type of electric vehicle, rubber profiles can be used instead of bulb trim for sealing luggage compartments. Rubber profiles can also be used with the panels on electric buses and electric ambulances.     

foam rubber properties | stock rubber profiles | Custom Rubber Profiles
EV Rubber Profiles

Electric Vehicle Edge Trim

EV edge trim can be used inside fully-electric recreational vehicles (RVs), an electrical vehicle category will  debut soon. In higher-end campers and work vehicles such as food trucks, edge trim can be used to protect the edges on stainless steel tables or counters. These industrial rubber products provide a finished appearance and protect the people who come into contact with metal surfaces.

Rubber Edge Trim | PVC Edge Trim | Vinyl Edge Trim | Trim Seals
EV Edge Trim

EV Window Channels

EV window channels hold window glass in place on electric trains, buses, forklifts, and work trucks. They also reduce NVH while helping to protect passengers from the elements. Beaded window channels can be installed without stretching or pulling, and unbeaded window channels are used with tight radiuses. EV window glass run channels that are flocked, or lined, can make the glass easier to move.   

Window Channel Guide
EV Window Channels

EV Rubber Sheeting and Floor Matting

EV rubber sheeting is used for flat gaskets, strips, and grommets. Flat gaskets are installed between two pieces of metal to fill a gap. Grommets are installed within panels and support wires or cables that pass-through. Rubber sheeting that is cut-to-size can be used for flooring and compared to carpet is more resistant to staining and wear.

EV Rubber Sheeting

EV Insulation

EV insulation made of thermal, acoustic, or thermal-acoustic materials is also used inside electric vehicles. For example, UL 94 rated thermal insulation can be installed inside of the electric vehicle battery box. Within the cab or cabin, acoustic insulation that is laminated to rubber sheeting can help to reduce road noise that is more noticeable because of the absence of an internal combustion engine.      

thermal acoustic insulation types
EV Insulation

Find Electric Vehicle Rubber Products

Elasto Proxy supplies EV manufacturers with the rubber products that they need. Whether you’re looking for fabrication or distribution, make sure to ask our added value services. From design assistance and help with material selection to forecasting, warehousing, kitting and custom packaging, outsourced EV parts production to us can give you time to focus on your larger design.

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