Rubber Door Seals for Walk-In Bathtubs

Walk-in BathtubsWalk-in bathtubs allow people with limited mobility to bathe themselves safely and independently. Typically, they’re used in hospitals, healthcare settings, retirement communities, and assisted living facilities. Unlike a traditional bathtub, a walk-in bathtub has a door on the front or side of the unit. This allows users to enter and exit the tub without having to lift their legs over the side. This reduces the chance of slip-and-fall injuries, and also supports wheelchair accessibility.

Walk-in bathtubs feature various door designs and come with various capabilities. Hydrotherapy options include whirlpools and adjustable bubble jets. Units with adjustable shower heads, integral handrails, LED lighting, and inside-the-tub seating are also available. Many walk-in bathtubs now include fast-draining capabilities so that users don’t need to remain in the unit for long periods of time while the bathtub empties. Product features vary, but all walk-in bathtubs need reliable rubber door seals. (more…)

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Medical Grade Gaskets and Platinum-Cured Silicones

medical grade gasketsMedical grade gaskets made of platinum-cured silicones are used in medical devices and equipment. Elasto Proxy custom-fabricates these rubber gaskets from an ultra-clean line of silicones that are FDA, USP Class VI, and RoHS compliant. At our manufacturing center near Montreal, Canada, we use water jet cutting to convert elastomers with speed and precision. Because there are no tooling charges, water jet cutting is ideal for prototyping and producing low-to-medium volumes of medical grade gaskets.

Elasto Proxy’s custom fabrication expertise includes assistance with seal design and compound selection. Just send us your CAD files and our technical team will use SolidWorks to review your schematics. The medical grade silicones that we custom-fabricate come in a range of durometers, and are available in custom colors to support your product designs. Although platinum-cured silicones are normally translucent, Elasto Proxy can manufacture medical grade gaskets in white, olive drab, and other colors. (more…)

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How Elasto Proxy Supports the Medical and Healthcare Industries

Learn how Elasto Proxy fabricates custom seals and insulation for medical devices and equipment, and how our complete capabilities can strengthen your supply chain.

Medical Equipment BannerFor over 25 years, Elasto Proxy has strengthened manufacturing supply chains by providing low-to-medium volumes of specialty seals and insulation. Through design assistance, compound selection, and custom fabrication, we support the medical and healthcare industries from prototyping to production. Elasto Proxy also offer solutions that speed installation and optimize inventory management, saving you time and money. (more…)

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Fluorosilicone Gaskets for Pharmaceutical Equipment

Fluorosilicone Gaskets for PharmaFor fluorosilicone gaskets, manufacturers of pharmaceutical equipment choose Elasto Proxy. 

The pharmaceutical industry uses solid dosage processing equipment to manufacture finished doses of medication in tablet or capsule form. Often, these solid doses are coated to mask the medicine’s taste or odor, protect the drug in the stomach, and to control its release profile. Tablet coating equipment rotates pills and ensures that coatings are applied evenly. This pharmaceutical equipment features stainless steel construction and includes components such as pumps, spray nozzles, and electric motors.

When a major manufacturer of solid dosage processing equipment needed to replace the door and side gaskets on a tablet coating machine, the company asked Elasto Proxy to supply the sealing solution. The manufacturer was refurbishing some used equipment, and needed two side gaskets and one door gasket rather than hundreds or even thousands of parts. Each of the bonded gaskets was thick and large, and the rubber that was required was fairly expensive. Elasto Proxy custom-fabricated a cost-effective solution that met all of the equipment manufacturer’s requirements. (more…)

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Custom-Fabricated Parts for Hospital Room Equipment

Hospital Room Equipment - Patient Lifts
Hospital Room Equipment Includes Patient Lifts

Elasto Proxy provides rubber seals, foam handles, and plastic parts to manufacturers of hospital room equipment. Water jet cutting is ideal for polymers and elastomers in low-to-medium volume quantities.

Hospital patients with limited mobility face a variety of challenges. Routine tasks such as sitting up, getting out of bed, and bathing may require assistance from nurses or other hospital staff. Patient lifts and walk-in tubs support medical care, but hospital room equipment must be safe and reliable. Medical technology can help a 120-lb. nurse move or bathe a 300-lb. patient, but only with the right equipment design and high-quality components.

For manufacturers of hospital room equipment, implementing a strong product design means choosing a component supplier with care. Elasto Proxy, an experienced provider of low-to-medium volume quantities of rubber seals and plastic parts, supports your equipment designs through high-quality custom fabrication. That’s why manufacturers of walk-in tubs and patient lifts depend on us for safe, reliable parts. As the following examples show, Elasto Proxy is ready to meet your requirements. (more…)

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Plastic Parts for Hospital Beds Cut Costs, Promote Safety, Ensure Compliance

Plastic Parts for Hospital BedsIn this case study, you’ll learn how Elasto Proxy helped a manufacturer of hospital beds to reduce costs, promote patient safety, and meet regulatory requirements. By applying the power of our supply chain strength, Elasto Proxy provides plastic parts that replace metal ones.

Hospitals need to deliver high-quality healthcare while containing medical costs and meeting regulatory demands. For manufacturers of medical equipment, earning the trust of hospital administrators means meeting all of these requirements. This is especially true for hospital bed manufacturers, whose highly-engineered products are used by patients throughout their hospital stays.

Today’s hospital beds contain precise parts made of various materials. Metal parts are more expensive than plastic ones, and may be subject to corrosion. Metal components are also heavier, which increases product weight and shipping costs. Many hospital bed manufacturers would like to replace metal parts with plastic ones, but only if the new parts meet existing requirements for cost, quality, and compliance. (more…)

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Thermally-Conductive Silicone Coated Fabrics for Heat Sink Gaskets

Heat Sink GasketsTechnical buyers and product designers have a choice of materials for heat sink gaskets. Learn about the advantages of thermally-conducive silicone coated fabrics, and how Elasto Proxy creates custom solutions for thermal management challenges.

Computers, telecommunications equipment, and electronic devices generate significant amounts of heat. Unless this heat is dissipated, component damage and system failure can result. By establishing an effective thermal path between a heat-generating component and a metallic heat sink, thermal interface materials dissipate heat and support product life and performance. Some materials, such as thermally-conductive silicone fabrics, also provide properties that strengthen product designs. (more…)

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