Graphite Gaskets for Temperature, Pressure, and Corrosion Resistance

Graphite GasketsThis graphite gaskets article is the second in a series about textile-based gaskets for industrial fluid sealing.

Graphite gaskets combine strong thermal resistivity with resistance to thermal shock, a type of damage that occurs when components are subjected to rapid changes in temperature. Typically, these industrial gaskets are fabricated from expanded sheets and foil-core materials. Graphite gaskets from Elasto Proxy are fabricated through water jet cutting and support the use of pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) for ease-of-application on your assembly line or in the field.

As a reinforcing textile, graphite also provides numerous advantages. Unlike other types of gasket materials, graphite’s mechanical properties increase with temperature. In multi-layer components, graphite can be sandwiched together with other gasketing materials (such as foils) to create custom sealing and insulation solutions. Graphite is also flexible and can be produced without fillers or binders that can limit sealing performance in demanding applications. (more…)

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Non-Asbestos Gaskets: Aramid Fibers and Rubber Binders

Non-Asbestos GasketsThis non-asbestos gaskets article is the first in series of about textile-based gaskets for industrial fluid sealing.

Non-asbestos gaskets provide durable, flexible sealing and insulation in high-temperature environments that also require resistance to air, water, steam, oils, acids, or chemicals. These industrial gaskets are made of compressed sheet materials that consist of fibers such as aramid and an elastomeric binder. Aramid fibers are exceptionally strong and heat resistant. The rubber binder that’s used enhances the seal’s mechanical properties and promotes torque retention.

In this technical article from Elasto Proxy, the first in a series about textile-based gaskets for industrial fluid sealing, we’ll examine the advantages of non-asbestos gaskets made of aramid fibers. We’ll also compare four different binder materials that enhance the performance of aramid as a gasketing material. As an experienced provider of sealing and insulation solutions, Elasto Proxy can recommend the right gasket materials, provide seal design assistance, and custom-fabricate your gaskets with precision. (more…)

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Vibration Damping Materials and Acoustic Insulation

Vibration DampingElasto Proxy explains what you need to know about choosing vibration damping materials. This article is the final installment in our multi-part series about acoustic insulation.

Vibration damping materials are acoustically optimized to reduce resonant vibrations that can cause unwanted noise or sound. Applications include machine enclosures, hospital equipment, electronic devices, and engine bays. If vibrations aren’t dampened, high cycle fatigue can cause components to fail. Excessive noise, vibration, and harshness (NVR) can also suggest poor quality in manufactured products. With electronic devices, vibrations can weaken soldered connections and even result in the loss of data. (more…)

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