Custom Skylight Seals Case Study

Custom Skylight SealCustom skylight seals need to meet demanding environmental and load testing requirements. When a skylight company faced a sealing challenge, Elasto Proxy provided the perfect solution on a tight timetable.

Skylights are specialized windows that builders install in a roof or ceiling. They admit natural light, provide a visual connection to the outdoor environment, and support passive solar heating. Skylights can help reduce energy costs, but their benefits go beyond sustainability. For example, the giant domed skylights found atop some commercial buildings are designed to enhance the occupants’ overall experience. By combining art with infrastructure, these complex structures truly illustrate the art of sealing. If a skylight fails, however, property damage and personal injury may result. (more…)

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RoHS Compliance and Rubber Products

RoHS ComplianceRestriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) isn’t just about wires, chips, switches, and circuit boards. RoHS compliance involves component-level rubber parts, too.

Companies that do business in European Union (EU) member states need to comply with RoHS, an EU directive that restricts the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic products and equipment. RoHS compliance won’t ensure your success in Europe, but non-compliance can have serious consequences. In addition to fines, penalties, and lost sales, businesses that violate RoHS requirements may have their products returned by customs officials.

To avoid RoHS violations, product designers and material buyers need to understand current and future EU requirements. Because RoHS is a series of directives rather than a single directive, designers and buyers need to account for the original RoHS directive (2002/95/EC), RoHS 2 (2011/65/EU), and RoHS requirements that will take effect in July 2019. As a global provider of sealing and insulation solutions, Elasto Proxy can help you to achieve and maintain RoHS compliance at the component level. (more…)

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How Elasto Proxy Supports Infrastructure Projects

infrastructure projectsInfrastructure projects need sealing and insulation solutions that reduce risk and strengthen product designs. That’s why the industry chooses Elasto Proxy.

Buildings are more than just enclosed structures. In addition to foundations, roofing, and exterior walls, they contain components such as doors, windows, flooring, and lighting fixtures. Industrial, commercial, and residential buildings also include non-structural systems such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical power, and fire protection. Together, all of these components and systems represent infrastructure – and infrastructure needs sealing and insulation from Elasto Proxy. (more…)

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How Elasto Proxy Supports the Stainless Steel and Food Equipment Industries

Learn how Elasto Proxy custom-fabricates seals and insulation for the stainless steel and food equipment industries. Our value-added solutions strengthen your manufacturing supply chain.

Stainless Steel and Food EquipmentElasto Proxy, an experienced provider of sealing and insulation solutions, strengthens supply chains in the stainless steel and food equipment industries. Through design assistance, compound selection, and custom-fabrication, we support projects from prototyping to production. Elasto Proxy also offers value-added solutions that speed installation and optimize inventory management. Our rubber and plastic parts arrive ready-to-install, and we can ship them on-demand or according to your sales forecast. (more…)

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