Foam Pads for Vacuum Lifters in Stone Countertop Manufacturing

Foam PadsIn this case study, you’ll learn how Elasto Proxy helped a stone countertop manufacturer solve a material handling challenge. By applying our technical design, compound selection, and custom fabrication expertise, we provide the protective pads used in vacuum tools that move quartz slabs.

Stone countertop manufacturing is a complex process. First, raw materials are fed into special mixers and blended together. The mixture is then poured into a mold and formed into slabs of various sizes. After the stone slabs are compacted, they’re moved to a curing kiln and heated for ultimate strength and stability. Polishing, quality assurance, and labeling complete the stone countertop manufacturing process.

When a leading manufacturer of quartz countertops asked Elasto Proxy for assistance with a material handling challenge, our solutions providers studied the requirements for a foam pad that helps move slabs into a 200° F kiln. This elastomeric pad attaches to the vacuum tooling and protects both the tool and the slab. High-temperature resistance and compression set are essential, but so is resistance to suction loss since the stone slabs are so heavy. (more…)

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Thermal Acoustic Insulation for Military Vehicles

 thermal acoustic insulationIn this case study, you’ll learn how Elasto Proxy applied its expertise in technical design, compound selection, and custom fabrication to replace the thermal acoustic insulation in the engine bays of military vehicles. How can we help you solve your sealing and insulation challenges? Contact us.

When a manufacturer of military vehicles isn’t satisfied with a product design, more than just the bottom line is at stake. For coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, armored fighting vehicles provide mission-critical force protection. Most military observers focus on features like the steel plating and the guns, but this type of vehicle won’t deploy anywhere without a big diesel engine under the hood.

In military vehicles such as armored personnel carriers, diesel engines run hot and loud. Without engine bay insulation, this heat and noise could put both the powerplant and military personnel at risk. Thermal acoustic insulation must also meet flame, smoke, and toxicity (FST) standards. In addition, engine bay insulation must withstand vehicle wash-downs and exposure to detergents and other cleaning chemicals. (more…)

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Rubber Door Seals for Passenger Rail Cars

Rubber Door SealsIn this case study, you’ll learn how Elasto Proxy applied its expertise in seal design, compound selection, custom fabrication and logistics to supply rubber door seals for passenger rail cars. How can we help you solve your sealing and insulation challenges?

Manufacturers of mobile equipment need to source rubber parts that meet all of their application and business requirements. When a manufacturer of mass transit vehicles needed to replace the door seals on passenger trains, Elasto Proxy applied its expertise in technical design, compound selection, custom fabrication, and logistics. In solving this sealing challenge, Elasto Proxy improved the original seal design and helped the mobile equipment manufacturer meet the urgent needs of an important customer.

As the rail car manufacturer explained to us, the existing seals on some passenger cars had become worn and were leaking. The manufacturer’s customer, a major passenger rail service in the Northeastern United States, wanted to solve this problem quickly. In turn, Elasto Proxy needed to create new door seals in less than two weeks and send them to Philadelphia for installation. Since the “test train” for these replacement seals would remain at the station for less than 24 hours, ease-of-installation was also important. (more…)

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Thermally-Conductive Silicone Coated Fabrics for Heat Sink Gaskets

Heat Sink GasketsTechnical buyers and product designers have a choice of materials for heat sink gaskets. Learn about the advantages of thermally-conducive silicone coated fabrics, and how Elasto Proxy creates custom solutions for thermal management challenges.

Computers, telecommunications equipment, and electronic devices generate significant amounts of heat. Unless this heat is dissipated, component damage and system failure can result. By establishing an effective thermal path between a heat-generating component and a metallic heat sink, thermal interface materials dissipate heat and support product life and performance. Some materials, such as thermally-conductive silicone fabrics, also provide properties that strengthen product designs. (more…)

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Specialty Seals and Custom Insulation for 2016

2016What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2016? Do you plan to get fit, lose weight, make new friends, or make more money? Just as importantly, how will you achieve your goals?

Here at Elasto Proxy, we share your excitement about the New Year. Like you, we also understand that success requires careful planning and consistent execution. If you’re looking to learn about specialty seals and custom insulation, this is the place to start.

So how will the Elasto Proxy Blog inform and engage you in 2016? First, let’s take stock of where we are.  (more…)

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