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Product Details
  • Catalog 2015
  • Elasto Proxy`s 2015 catalog describes all of our standard industrial rubber products. Learn about our part numbering system, and see schematics for the hundreds of profiles that we keep in stock. In addition to part shapes and dimensions, you'll find descriptions of our water jet cutting and splicing services. Elasto Proxy's catalog is both in English and in French, so download your copy today.
Product Details
  • Rubber Part Tolerances Ebook
  • Part tolerances are allowable variations in the dimensions of manufactured components. If a rubber part is out of tolerance, problems such as improper sealing or insulation can occur. This free e-book from Elasto Proxy describes part tolerance challenges, and how custom fabrication can provide the solution.
Product Details
  • Military and Defense: Specialty Sealing and Custom Insulation
  • Rubber, plastic, and composite materials for military applications must be able to withstand demanding conditions. Whether at land, air, or sea (or even space), part failure is not an option. For designers and buyers alike, supporting the mission means choosing the right materials for sealing and insulation. That's why Elasto Proxy has created this free white paper. Download your copy today.
Product Details
  • Sealing essentials
  • Sealing challenges can be complex, and no two applications are the same. So whether you're a seal designer or a technical buyer, you need a resource you can trust from a partner who listens. This e-book from Elasto Proxy explains what you need to know about compound selection, seal geometry, industry standards, application requirements, and vendor capabilities. Download your free copy today.