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  • Extruded Rubber Profiles for Custom Seals and Gaskets

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    Learn how extruded rubber profiles are made, and how custom fabrication converts elastomeric stock materials into specialty seals and custom gaskets. Click here for Elasto Proxy's catalog of standard profiles.

    Rubber extrusion is a manufacturing process that creates stock materials or profiles with a fixed cross-section such as a U-shaped channel. First, uncured elastomers are pushed or drawn through a specialized metal tool called a die. Later, the rubber compound is cured through vulcanization, a chemical conversion process that uses heat and sulfur to impart durability and improve mechanical properties.

    Rubber extrusion is used with many different types of elastomers, and this rubber manufacturing method supports complex cross-sectional profiles with an excellent surface finish. Because extrusion mixes and blends the raw materials, the cured rubber offers consistent strength and a uniform appearance along the length of the profile. Standards from the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) define part tolerances based on physical dimensions and an RMA class of high precision, precision, or commercial. Continue reading

  • Extruded Rubber and Molded Rubber – Over 700 Profiles in Stock

    Rubber Profiles from Elasto Proxy Rubber Profiles from Elasto Proxy

    Doug Sharpe President of Elasto Proxy

    Elasto Proxy Stocks Over 700 Natural and Synthetic Rubber Profiles, Including Sponge Rubber

    Elasto Proxy specializes in the design and custom fabrication of rubber profiles for industries such as automotive, defense, mobile specialty vehicles, food and medical equipment, electronics, green power, and mass transit. We have the application knowledge and technical expertise to strengthen your supply chain with on-time deliveries of high-value, low-to-medium volume rubber products.

    Today, Elasto Proxy stocks over 700 extruded rubber and molded rubber profiles made of compounds such as CR, EPDM, NBR, NR, and SBR materials. So whether you need standard, specialty, or sponge rubber profiles, our technical services team can recommend rubber molding and rubber extrusions with the right characteristics, including material properties and chemical resistance.

    Rubber Molding, Thermal and Acoustic Insulation, and Door and Window Seals

    As a long-time supplier of rubber and plastic parts to the automotive industry, Elasto Proxy understands that stock-outs are not an option. That’s why we add value to the automotive supply chain by delivering on quality, inventory, and price for molded stoppers, pads, and end-pieces. We can also cut rubber floor mats and supply door and window seals for cars, trucks, and buses.

    Elasto Proxy also supplies rubber parts to the defense industry and to makers of mobile specialty vehicles. From door seals and window seals to thermal and acoustic insulation, Elasto Proxy understands the needs of the military marketplace. Our application experience also means that our sealing products are suitable for the rollover protection structures (ROPS) found on combines and forestry equipment.

    Rubber Extrusions, Sanitary Seals, and Weatherstripping

    With our wide range of rubber goods, Elasto Proxy supplies sanitary seals for food equipment and medical equipment. In industrial kitchens, examples include rubber gaskets for refrigerators, EPDM channels for mixers, and custom door seals for restaurant ovens. Medical equipment such as X-ray machines and medical assist devices such as mattress overlays and patient lifts also need medical seals.

    Sealing outdoor electronics, green power plants, and mass transit systems (including rail) against the elements requires industrial rubber products that can withstand wind, water, and temperature extremes. So whether you need door and window seals for railcars, gasketing for outdoor signs, or rubber profiles for PV panels and windmill nacelles, Elasto Proxy has the rubber parts that you need.

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  • Extruded Rubber Profiles from Elasto Proxy

    Extruded Rubber Profile Extruded Rubber Profile

    Elasto Proxy produces a wide range of standard and custom extruded rubber profiles fabricated from a variety of Sealing Grade material formulations. Visit our web site at for a listing of standard extruded profiles used to fabricate spliced rings, gaskets or long length bulk footage on a spool or coiled for customer fabrication. If you cannot find what you are looking for, our knowledgeable technical services team can help you to choose from our extensive line of industrial rubber products. If our catalog does not have the extruded rubber profiles you need, ask about our custom fabrication capabilities.

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