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Elasto Proxy Learns How to Make Videos

This week, Elasto Proxy is learning how to make its own corporate videos. Scar Productions, a husband and wife videography team, is providing expert instruction about film-making and editing at Elasto Proxy’s headquarters in Boisbriand, Québec, Canada. From storyboarding and set preparation to audio editing and video exporting, Elasto Proxy’s student filmmakers are receiving classroom-style training and hands-on instruction. They are joined by Louise Desjardins of Guidaction, a Montreal-based marketing and communications consultant who recently helped Elasto Proxy launch its brand-new website.

The Video Making Workshop from Scar Productions covers a course syllabus and self-evaluation form, and includes a scenario for an Elasto Proxy video called “The Art of Sealing”. Workshop attendees will learn shooting-related tasks such as how to place lighting, how to set up the microphone, and how to perform camera movements fluidly. They will also learn how to perform editing tasks such as importing clips, creating titles, and leveling the audio.