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Elasto Proxy at Innotrans 2012 – Innovative Technologies for Transportation

Innotrans isn't just another trade show. It’s the world’s largest trade fair for the rail transport industry and a powerful platform for buyers and sellers of passenger and freight transport technology. Held just once every two years, the International Trade Fair for Transport Technology (Innotrans) features both a tradeshow and a convention with special forums. With over 220 technology transport companies in attendance, InnoTrans will be the place to learn about innovative components, vehicles and systems.

This year, Elasto Proxy will travel from Montreal, Canada to Berlin, Germany to participate in another world-class event. From September 18 to 21, Elasto Proxy’s Clyde Sharpe will explore new technologies and answer questions about our company’s design and fabrication capabilities. In keeping with the innovative spirit of the show, Sharpe will explain how Elasto Proxy’s experience with the transportation industry has prepared us to produce the custom rubber and plastic components of tomorrow.

Hope to see you there!