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Brazilian Markets to Grow Again in 2013

Brazil boasts the world’s sixth largest economy and is the world’s second-largest emerging market. Although the country’s economic growth slowed last year, analysts predict that the South American nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) will grow by over 3% in 2013. For international companies that want to do business in Brazil, the opportunity to reach this large and growing market trumps concerns about price inflation and near-record low unemployment.

Winning a larger share of the Brazilian market is an important part of Elasto Proxy’s growth strategy for 2013. Last year, our company’s co-owners and co-founders visited Brazil as part of a trade mission from Elastomer Valley. Next month, Doug and Donna Sharpe will return to South America as part of the SME Passport program. By building upon Elasto Proxy’s past successes with Volvo of Brazil, Doug and Donna will learn lessons and find win/win solutions that can help our other partners, too. 

Does your company want to boost exports to Brazil, or are you considering partnering with a Brazilian business? To learn more about Elasto Proxy’s experience in Brazil, read this week’s blog entry by Clyde Sharpe, our President of International Sales.